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Cosmos Hotel is a Moscow hotel that has been raved about by guests who are in the city for both vacation or business. The All Russia Exhibition Centre is just next to it, and the Metro station is just a few minutes’ walk away. Aside from the many types of rooms to choose from, this hotel is also famous for its many dining options, including the Planet Cosmos Panoramic Restaurant, where you can have amazing authentic Russian and European cuisine and have a breathtaking view of Moscow. The hotel’s Big Concert Hall is also a place to catch some of the city’s best shows.

The Citadines on Bourke Melbourne is strategically located in the heart of Melbourne, so you will be able to have easy access to a wide array of bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, and museums. The rooms here will make you feel at home, as the amenities include a fully-equipped kitchenette, a broadband internet connection, central air-conditioning, and a home entertainment system for your DVDs and iPods. You can go to the nearby Gasworks Farmer’s Market and the Collingwood Children’s Farmers Market and Slow Food Melbourne to get some fresh stuff for cooking. Staying here will definitely be worth it, and the staff will always be ready to help you out!

The Hotel Carlton & Grand Canal in Venice is a hotel that is loved by tourists because of the amazing views it gives of the beautiful Grand Canal. Apart from the great value, this hotel is also near to many attractions and activities that you simply must see and do while in Venice. A few minutes walk from the hotel will allow you to ride vaporettos, see many cafes and restaurants, and bus/train stations. From here, you can take a 25-30 minute walk to Piazza San Marco. You will surely get your money’s worth here, with the great amenities, superb services, and friendly staff.

If you wish to see a place in China that still has many parts and details of how it used to look like more than 3 centuries ago, head over to the ancient city of Pingyao. This UNESCO World Heritage Site still has the layouts from the Ming and Qing dynasties. The attractions that you must not miss when you’re here are: The City Wall, the Twin Pagoda Temple or Yongzuo Temple, the Chingsan Monastery, and the historic Ming and Qing streets. There are still so many places to explore, so book your Pingyao hotel now in order to see some of China's treasures that can still be seen today